Would You Like a Site that Lists Halal-Certified Products?

My birthplace is Iligan City. It is one of the highly urbanized cities in Northern Mindanao. But of course its fame is crippled by the current high crime rate and the more popular Cagayan de Oro beside it. My opinion, of course. But what I do know for a fact that Iligan is a haven for a tri-people culture where lumads, Christians and Muslims co-exist. And the sight of a restaurant or food marked with the word “Halal” is one quite common in our city.

I met Lareb over Facebook and he was a friend of a friend, you know how Facebook works. You see, he does not have a bit of a problem sorting and looking for Halal certified products because he lives in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Everything — everything there is Halal.

They do not sell anything that is not. If he goes to Indonesia or Bangkok, he would not have any problem looking for those products. But what if he takes a quick vacation here in the Philippines? Yes, he is going to have a problem filtering what he buys.

Would he Google about it? Most probably he would. He needs to know which food is seen as permissible according to Islamic law. The thing is, we do not have one until this site was put up of course:

Halal Certified Food

If you are looking for a resource site, you don’t need to look any further as this one continues to list the food we have here in the Philippines that are halal-certified. Check it out.

Oh and they do have a Facebook acount. Get updated on Halal certified food and products in Facebook.

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