Channel Creation, Customization and Deployment

We help you jumpstart with social media where your by helping you create a presence, setup your channels and customize these channels so it best represents you.

  • Social Media Channel Setup & Optimization
  • Facebook Page Banners
  • Facebook Landing Tabs
  • Twitter Backgrounds
  • YouTube Backgrounds
  • WordPress Themes

Channel Content and Publishing

We help you manage your updates and create snippets and blurbs based on your existing content to feed into your social networks. Through this, we will help make sure that you have ongoing updates on your channels to spark conversation and ignite awareness on your offerings.

  • Status Updates/Tweets
  • Blog Posts and Articles
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Directory Submission

Community and Channel Management

We will make sure that we keep your fans engaged and that underlying issues and sentiments are addressed and what actions to take as a result. We will keep track of influencers driving the conversations and disseminate presence of your channel for community building.

  • Network Building
  • Page Management
  • Blog Management
  • Audience Engagement
  • Comment Responding

Popularize and Announce

After your channels are setup, customized, what do you do next? You popularize and announce them, of course. What would be the use of a channel without an audience. With these services, we offer you ways of growing your network and spread the word about your channel or your blog.

  • Contests & Sweepstakes
  • Facebook Ads
  • Group Marketing
  • Comment Marketing
  • Blogger Outreach and Blog Marketing

Confused which package works best for you?