Episode 21: A Peek into the Cebu Startup and Co-Working Community

How is the Cebu startup community doing? What are the challenges and opportunities in running a co-working space in Cebu? What are the trends in community management and education as advocacy?

Fleire Castro and co-host Ms. Connie Barrientos-Carey interview guest Ms. Joy Garingo, the General Manager of The Company’s two co-working spaces in Cebu. In this episode, she shares her joy in being immersed in the community and spills some more tea in the recent challenges in running a co-working space.

Show Notes:

Ms. Joy Garingo’s bio is below:

General Manager of The Company’s two co-working spaces in Cebu. The Company is a startup- & creator- friendly co-working space & community that originated in Fukuoka, Japan.

At The Company, she oversees operations and finances, strategizes & executes PR, sales and marketing campaigns, manages client relations, develops internal and external community partnerships and helps foster a culture of growth and creativity.

She also works with other Community Managers and professionals of The Company’s branches and partner spaces in Japan, Singapore, Bangkok, and more from time to time to bridge members with each other or to aid with digital marketing.

Joy is passionate about innovation, education, & nation building. Her work to spur the aforementioned has led her to collaborate & work with the Department of Trade & Industry 7, Department of Information & Communications Technology, Startup Island PH, Story Nights Cebu, Impact Hub, Happy Garaje, Tropical Futures Institute, Arcanys Early Learning Foundation, & Devcon Cebu. With a degree in Psychology, a Psychometrics & Financial Advisory License, a diploma in Professional Education, and linkages to innovative communities and multinational companies, she aspires to make a positive impact especially in the Philippine education system.

Currently, she is studying to obtain a Master’s degree in Guidance Counseling. During her spare time, she volunteers as an outreach program coordinator, does consulting work for companies or organizations that see the value of working with communities, and consumes any Montessori, stoic/existentialist-related content. To see what she is up to, you may follow her social media channels.

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