Episode 19: The Value of Tech in Social Entrepreneurship

Are social enterprises finding tech valuable? How does a working woman handle career transitions? Where does data fit in various industries?

Fleire Castro and co-host Connie Barrientos-Carey interview guest Ms. Hannah Amora, co-Founder of NGO Let it ECHO and logical empath. In this episode, she shares her journey from corporate to social enterprises, all the while keeping data and tech insights applied in her work.

Show Notes:

Ms. Hannah Amora’s bio is below:

Our guest started as an Industrial Engineer but life has shifted her path to more fulfilling endeavors. Her background involves relationships with numbers. As an engineer, she works to continuously improve processes and make sure everything is efficient. She then tried to enter the world of finance and sales. She found a new love and for 8 years enjoyed the insurance industry where she became a Registered Financial Consultant (RFC) and a Certified Investment Solicitor. Always looking after the benefits of her clients, she founded her Finance Consultancy firm called Honeycomb FC in 2010 to better serve the varied needs of her clients without being locked to a specific insurance provider.

Later on, she discovered a different calling, after her son was diagnosed with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD). Her love for her second son and passion to help other families undergoing similar situations inspired her to Co-Found a Non-Profit organization called Let it ECHO that aims to give hope to CHD-stricken families through echoing of inspiring stories.

She ran this organization for 6 years and her continued leadership led her to the 1st International Congenital Heart Leadership Summit in Barcelona, Spain in which a Global Alliance for Rheumatic and Congenital Hearts (Global ARCH) was born, where she sits as one of the Board of Directors from 2018-2020. As an ambassador and patient advocate for CHD, she represented the Philippines in the United Nations High-Level Meeting on Non-Communicable Diseases in New York City 2 years ago.

Altruistic by nature, our guest is on a mission to help and serve families, communities, and organizations. Her background says that she’s logical who crunches numbers and data but she’s empathic and hopes to touch your hearts too.

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