Episode 24: Dominic Dosdos of Forgetful Bob

A chat with Dominic Dosdos of the local Cebu band Forgetful Bob. The Cebu punk + hardcore band shaped their music with a fresh new sound that echoes to every listener no matter the genre they prefer. 

They have a single released soon called “Days”.

Days is an unapologetic love letter to your significant other who is far away. It’s about reminiscing the days when you were right beside each other and how you took that for granted because you never knew you’d ever be apart. It’s about longing for that person to come home. When the pandemic hit last year, the song suddenly perfectly reflected the situation of most people dealing with the quarantine, not just people going through LDR. It will resonate with you.

Show Notes:

About Forgetful Bob

Dominic Dosdos – Vocals, Guitars

Dean Molina – Bass (1st Bassist)

Ethan Salazar – Drums

Jess Tamboboy – Lead Guitar

Matsk Tubato – Bass (2nd Bassist, officially as of 2021)

  • Formed in 2014, Forgetful Bob is Dominic Dosdos, Ethan Ronoel Salazar, Jess Tamboboy, and Deniel Molina. We officially added a second bassist, Matsk Tubato (Ethan’s long time bandmate and friend from highschool) this 2021 to help out because Deniel Molina is currently focusing on his personal life and career. We currently have two bassist (which is pretty cool).
  • Our debut album SA YO NA RA was released on March 12, 2019.
  • Forgetful Bob was formed in 2014 after Dominic sent Ethan a demo of the song “Forgetful Bob” (which would later be used as the band name). Ethan wrote drum parts for the song and sent it back. Not long after, they asked their officemates Deniel and Jess to join the band and complete the line-up.
  • Heavily influenced by the local punk and hardcore scene in Cebu, the band shaped their music with a fresh new sound that echoes to every listener no matter the genre they prefer.

Music: http://bit.ly/fbobsayonara

Social Media: ALL @forgetfulbob


Background in the industry in general

  • Forgetful Bob has been around since 2014, playing gigs and writing songs – all in our hometown of Cebu City.
  • All four members met at work, we were all working for the same company from 2014 until 2019.
  • Doms and Ethan came up playing in bands from the local punk and hardcore scene, Doms was in Battle The Hardship (BTH), and Ethan was in Fizzles with Redwan from Twinkle Dudu.
  • Dean and Jess played in respective college bands as well, but not really involved in the underground scene as compared to Doms and Ethan.

Some Fun Facts

  • Our first gig was a KYOCERA Music club gig – “After Work Sessions 2015” @Kukuk‘s Nest, 124 Gorordo Avenue, Lahug Cebu City on Dec. 04, 2015 (Fri).
  • Our first recording session was on March 18, 2016 @Chainzaw Records for the song “Forgetful Bob” with the help of Glenn Alonzo.
  • “JAW” was the first song we ever recorded for our debut album SA YO NA RA
  • It took us at least two tries to get JAW recorded the right way – there is a demo version of JAW floating around on the internet, which was a failed attempt at recording our first song DIY at Mars Band Studio.
  • All the songs off of SA YO NA RA were recorded, mixed, and mastered at Mars Band Studio – Minglanilla by EJ Salazar (Ethan’s brother) our producer.
  • Doms and Ethan debated over the final tracklist order for months, until both of them decided to compromise and meet somewhere in the middle – The final tracklist ended up being solid.
  • We decided to name our band Forgetful Bob because it was the name of a song Doms wrote for his girlfriend in college when he forgot their anniversary. It was just a song name that had little thought put into it, but then as time went by he wanted it to be a name people would use as a general term for someone who was “forgetful” (e.g. You’re such a Forgetful Bob, you can never remember anything important!). When the band was looking for band names, Doms pitched “Forgetful Bob” to Ethan and it was the best idea they had at the time. It was the only one Ethan didn’t hate, so it stuck.
  • “Pull” is a song that people really love – it’s a crowd favorite, every time we play it live, someone would always come up to us and tell us about how much it resonates with them.
  • “Summer” was a demo that Doms wrote all by himself one summer in college (2012), it’s probably the oldest song on the album.
  • Some of Forgetful Bob’s musical influences include Taking Back Sunday, Dashboard Confessional, The Story So Far, New Found Glory, Blink 182, John Mayer, American Football, and Finch.

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