Aliexpress and DHL Ecommerce: 4 Lessons for Buyers and Retailers

If you buy something on AliExpress and ship via DHL for the sake of faster delivery time, you will pay more for shipping than the item itself.

Item price on Aliexpress: $9~. I bought 6 pieces of the item. Shipping fee via DHL: $91~.

Here below is the customs calculation where we were asked to pay PHP 1287. The seller declared $8. They calculated $8×6 for the lot.

Lessons for buyers/retailers:

  1. Expect for the final total price of the item to be 4-5 times its original price on the site (including DHL shipping, duties, taxes, customs and other fees).
  2.  Just because it looks cheap on the site does not mean you will enjoy the same price once it reaches your doorstep.
  3. One way to work around this is to avail of the seller’s free shipping BUT endure the long delivery time of the item via local post. Of course, you still have to pay for customs, tax, and other fees once you pick it up.
  4. Retailers have it bad with our customs and shipping + taxes and dues. At 50% markup, the item might not be worth selling on their stores anymore. Would you pay P3,000 each for this item??

I hope those in power will work something out to make it easier and more affordable to do retailing in the PH. Where’s the output of the APEC/ASEAN summit?

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