Artist Chat: Geeking Out With Veronika V. Hipolito on the Cebu Artist community

ARTIST CHAT. Today, I was geeking out with Veronika V. Hipolito. And we talked about her art and her Cebu artist community work.

It was a super warm day and yet we still decided to travel from the island of Mactan to the center of the city at the Cebu Business Park just to join Otakufest.

Otakufest is a yearly gathering of anime and otaku geeks. And naturally, every year, we are also there.

As usually, we visited late in the day when people already removed their cosplay costumes due to the heat and when everyone is just chilling and eating and listening to the presentations.

After we are, we were going around to see the booths and came upon the artist alley where we say the great and quirky work of the different artists at the event.

There I saw a booth that featured really cool art that resonated with me. The pieces were eccentric and definitely “tattooable”.

I had to approach the artist before I bought anything. There I met this lady. I asked about her art and asked if I can commission her for a custom piece coz I so love her “Simmon”.

Then, after talking to Veronika, I learned we have lots of common friends, too. Go, Mindanaoans! On to our next collab and “projects” soon. Haha!

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