When you support a woman-owned business..

You are sending a kid to school, not a yuppie to his next diving excursion.

You are helping a family to achieve income and empower themselves beyond paycheck to paycheck.

You are allowing other women keep their jobs since women business owners tend to hire other women.

You are helping a woman achieve her dream despite having to give up some parts of her life.

You are helping a micro-business scale instead of staying small.

You are helping a micro-business evolve and stay competitive.

You are changing that notion that gender bias, including discrimination, is real.

You are sending the positive signal that women are contributing at the fullest potential in your industry.

You are helping close the gender gap in the country.

Do your share. It’s not that bad working with a woman.


Philippines may be the top SEA country to close the gender gap but the need for representation is real.


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