Hanging out with Cebu’s Bloggers on Social Media Day

Streams from different sides of my online networks have been screaming of only one thing last week – Social Media Day. Friends from Manila, Davao, Iligan, Cagayan de Oro have blurted out the hashtag #smday and it created resonance. It is an event initiated by no other than the number one site for social media enthusiasts (among others) – Mashable.com.

It was first mentioned to me by @geffchang and never bothered to take a second glance at it. Not until the trustees at Cebu bloggers mentioned about the first CBSi meeting to be scheduled soon. I had to mention the Social Media day since we were all bloggers and it’s very much relevant to us.

The Cebu version of the event has been integrated into one awesome gathering as the members of the org – CBSi, the best of Cebu’s Bloggers on Social Media Day, gathered at the uber beautiful Mactan Isla Resort and Spa’s resto.

Loved the warm welcome from the resort’s Korean owner and friendly staff. I wish I can go back here with just the family and enjoy swimming. 🙂 But back to the event, as it unraveled, I was limited to less tweeting and posting as I normally would during events.

I just would like to note that establishments are missing out a lot when they are inviting bloggers but don’t have a reliably super fast internet connection. We were fine in the first two hours but the connection went bonkers after that. It could definitely be improved.

Nevertheless, the place was so fine and remarkable to look at. I am looking forward to actually staying in the resort and sharing the experience.

The gathering also turned out to be an educational experience for the bloggers as four topics were discussed: Freelancing, ethics online, writing, and influence through social media by me.

Yes, I was one of the speakers. I enjoyed the fact that I was able to talk to my fellow bloggers about cutting through the noise online and being the influencer online that could help, not just brands or for personal profit, but also causes that need a voice to represent them.

Within the org at CBSi, I am glad that the group is finally waking up from two years of slumber under the new leadership. I, myself, have taken on the role of Social Media Chairman for the org and will hopefully structure a team that would harness the beauty of social media.

Credits: Photo of me by @xerendipity

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